Riccar Radiance Vacuum Cleaner in Santa Rosa CAPremium Radiance

The Premium Radiance brings a new level of performance and luxury to vacuum cleaners. Riccar’s flagship upright offers the unsurpassed cleaning performance of the revolutionary Tandem Air System where two distinct cleaning motors are used in series to provide exceptional carpet cleaning, sealed HEPA filtration and the convenience of powerful on-board tools in one machine.
The Premium Radiance goes well beyond taking care of large debris and surface dirt. With its HEPA Plus Filter and 100% sealed system, the Premium Radiance is designed to capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. Plus, the dirt sensing display illuminates the cleaning path to indicate when the deeply embedded dirt has been removed from your carpets.

Riccar Brilliance Vacuum Cleaner in Santa Rosa CABrilliance

Following in the tradition of the Radiance, the Riccar Brilliance features the revolutionary Tandem Air System setting a new standard for vacuums in its class. This newest line of world-class vacuums from Riccar offers the perfect combination of performance, luxury and value.
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With metal components used throughout the vacuum, HEPA filtration, a floor selector and numerous convenience features, the long-lasting, outstanding performance of this model will certainly impress!

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8 Pound

At less than eight pounds, Riccar SupraLite vacuums are the perfect combination of powerful cleaning and effortless use. Revitalize your carpets with these deep cleaning vacuums backed by a three year household warranty.

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Flooring choices are becoming virtually endless. It is not rare to find elegant marble, polished hardwoods, luxurious textured rugs and ultra-plush carpet all in one home. While the variety in flooring enhances a home’s décor, it can pose a challenge for many vacuum cleaners. With an entire line of versatile canisters, Riccar is certain to have one perfectly suited to your flooring selections.

Immaculate Premier Canister

Show off the full beauty of your floors by using a canister designed and built in America to exacting standards. You’ll marvel at the tremendous suction power that leaves the plushest of carpets thoroughly refreshed and any surface white glove clean. But just as impressive is the fact the Immaculate’s performance is refined to a subtle, hushed whisper. The Immaculate is so determined to clean, it can even see the dirt that you can’t, with a built-in dirt sensor that alerts you to when a floor is truly spotless.

Impeccable Premier Canister

Another world class vacuum straight from the heartland. The Impeccable is aptly prepared to clean your entire home – every room and every type of flooring. In addition to exceptional cleaning, you’ll find unsurpassed sealed 7-Stage HEPA filtration and a vast array of convenient features, like a premium set of tools inside the canister. The Impeccable takes care of more than just your floors; it takes care of itself. You’ll never have to change a vacuum belt again and the vacuum reminds you as to when it is time to replace the bag or filter.
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Exceptional cleaning performance, sophisticated HEPA filtration and numerous luxury touches define this impressive canister. Equipped with a full size power nozzle, Pristine is designed to clean a multitude of flooring surfaces from rich hardwoods to ultra-plush carpet.

Charisma Mid Size

Equipped with the compact power nozzle, the Charisma canister is truly a remarkable balance of power, size and versatility. While the cleaning performance of the Charisma canister demands attention, the 100% sealed HEPA filtration, vast array of convenience features and impressive warranty should not be overlooked.


The canister of choice for homes brimming with bare floors. With intense suction, the Starbright canister has plenty of power to leave marble, hardwoods, ceramic tile, slate and parquet flooring nothing less than white-glove clean.

Pizzazz Compact

Despite its compact size, Riccar‘s Pizzazz canister has suction power to spare. Equally astounding is the versatility and maneuverability of the compact power nozzle. The Pizzazz provides the cleaning performance and HEPA filtration you demand with the ease of use you deserve.